Is my content safe on StepsLife?

You own it all! As a parent (administrator), you own all the content on your child’s StepsLife account and you'll be able to download it anytime. Be assured that we'll never use your photos in any way without permission. Please check out our Terms of Use for more details..

How private is StepsLife?

Your privacy is our priority. We use Google Cloud's infrastructure to keep all your content safe and secure. You can invite family and closest friends to become part of your child's StepsLife and share their memories. Only authorized senders can send messages to your child.

How much does it cost to join StepsLife?

StepsLife is free. You'll have unlimited messages, unlimited invitations and unlimited storage, plus lots of cool features to keep your child’s awesome memories!

What is the StepsLife Timeline?

The timeline is a digital collection of all your child’s moments on StepsLife. You can download it anytime from your account: go to your child's profile and tap download content. You will be able to generate an export all the data. This export will be emailed to you as a .zip file shortly after your request.

How it works

How can I recover my password?

Forgot your password? Click on “I forgot my password” and enter your email. We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I register another baby?

You can register a baby at the same time you sign up. If you want to register another baby head to the child profile and tab "Register a new baby".

Can I set another administrator?

Administrators have access to all the content is StepsLife. When you register a baby you can set yourself as an administrator of the StepsLife account. You can always edit your family and friends profile and add them as administrators of your child. An administrator cannot delete another administrator

How do I delete my StepsLife account?

To delete your account, please head to your profile and click on “Delete account”. Please help us know how can we improve StepsLife so that you'd stay with us :-)

Do you have a storage limit?

Early memories are the best gift for your children. We want you to send as many moments as you have with your child. Upload as many moments as you want and enjoy your unlimited storage!

Do you have a question that isn't here?

Please don't hesitate to email us at hello@steps.life. We'll get back to you ASAP.