Our mission

We built StepsLife with one clear goal in mind: to help millions of children preserve and relive the memories of their early years.

We've helped thousands StepsLife users enjoy the wonderful experience of being parents and refeel every moment of this unforgettable story.

Small steps, great memories
Childhood amnesia:
why early memories fade

Do you remember the first moment your mother held you in her arms?

Well… we can’t retrieve memories of our babyhood. Research has shown that kids are able to remember events from the first year of age and even in the womb! However, these memories disappear when the child’s brain changes and develops incredibly rapid.

This is why parents take thousands of pictures of their children, but with time they may end up misplaced, disorganized or even lost.

A wonderful, organized, unique story

With StepsLife you can create the exciting story of your baby’s life and freeze all those magic Moments of our little ones.

Start uploading photos, videos and audios, celebrate every Moment and share it with your loved ones. StepsLife organizes all your content in a beautiful timeline that can be downloaded when you want as a digital album.

All your child’s memories will remain intact and easy to search, relive and refeel!

The most precious
family gift

When he's older, your child will receive the time capsule you've been crafting for years. Invite your family and friends to take part of this wonderful gift!

Your child will smile while hearing how he said his first word or she will cry while seeing this tender video her grandmother created for her first birthday!

Memories are so precious, as ​they shape our identity, personality and growth​. With StepsLife, all children will remember ​the experiences that made them who they are.

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