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How it works

1. Download and sign up

Sign up and create your baby's profile. It takes less than a minute. Enjoy our free plan with unlimited messages!

2. Start sending memories!

Send messages, photos, videos and audios to your child, from the app or using your child's email address. Every memory is automatically organized and can be relived any time.

3. Invite family and friends

Invite your closest ones to privately share their memories with your child. As parents you will see everything your child receives, while invited users will only see what they send.

4. A gift for the future

When he's older, your child will receive the time capsule you've been crafting for years. In the meanwhile, you can download all the content as a timeline, any time!

Your privacy is our priority

The best gift you can give to your children are good memories. And as parents, we know how important it is to keep them safe.

This is why we take security mesures to ensure the privacy and security of our network and systems in accordance with applicable law. We have also adopted internal measures to protect your children in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Remember you can also download your digital archive, any time. You own all the content on your child's StepsLife.

Watch StepsLife from the inside

Early childhood is a rock'n'roll. Those years made us the way we are.
Can you imagine what would it be to remember them?


Enjoy StepsLife today or make the perfect gift for upcoming babies.

  • Starter Planfree
    • Unlimited messages
    • 1GB Cloud space
    • Download digital archive
    • Send from your email
    • Search by age and date
    • Unlimited invitations
    • Cancel anytime
  • SmartMom$29,99
    per year
    • Unlimited messages
    • 20GB Cloud space
    • Download digital archive
    • Send from your email
    • Search by age and date
    • Unlimited invitations
    • STEPScards
    • STEPSbook (soon)
    • Cancel anytime


  • Mother, 327 months old baby
    I always thought it was a pity that the most intense years as a mother were precisely those that my son will not remember when he grows up. StepsLife helps us share every milestone with our child!
  • Father, 352 years old child, 4 months old baby
    I use StepsLife to organize all the photos and memories of my two children, both from me and from family, and then I print beautiful albums!!
  • Mother, 2814 months old baby
    I invited my family to my twins' StepsLife. When I travel, I relive all those memories and feel a little closer to home.

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